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Welcome to the Tools page! 

On this page you will find resources that will help you on your journey to success. There will be different types of tools and you may not use them all, but choose what works for you and helps you achieve the success you're looking for out of life. Some tools are for personal development, others are for professional success, and some are for both. 


The apps and downloads below are some I use and wanted to share with you to help you be more productive and therefore find more success. These apps help with things such as removing distractions while online, time management, goal setting, and more. 


Cold Turkey is a distraction blocker that works with websites and apps, it also works on all devices. There is a free basic version that allows you to block websites and a paid version that also allows you to block apps. This is great when you are trying to concentrate on getting something accomplished and need to remove distractions. You can watch a tutorial video by clicking here to learn more about Cold Turkey. To visit the website for the download so you can start using Cold Turkey and stop those distractions click here


Todoist is a task management app with a pretty straight-forward goal – to help you create digital to-do lists either for yourself or even for the whole team and learn to love an organized life. You can set sub-projects, highlight prioritized tasks, add multimedia notes, and use the calendar view to get a glimpse of monthly tasks.  

Todoist integrates with hundreds of apps and even offers several to-do list templates to choose from – so that you don’t have to start writing your task list from scratch. 

Why you’ll like it: To motivate the users, Todoist has a fun “Karma points” feature which means that you’ll get bonus points for completing your tasks consistently. As a result, you’re very likely to complete your tasks more efficiently, thus saving time in the long run. 

Price: Free basic account, Premium $3/month 

You can get started today by clicking here

Business Building 

The links below are platforms that will allow you to grow your business and find success with ease and low cost. You will find everything related to the criteria within this program and the teachings inside of the 52 missions.



There are many options to choose from when considering where to build your website. Groove is a great site that has everything you will need to find success not only with your website but so many other aspects of your business. Click Here to check on Groove for yourself and start using this platform today. 


When streaming live to social media the best option I have found out there is StreamYard. It is very easy to learn and has the professional look you want for your brand and business. You can save money by CLICKING HERE and starting with StreamYard today!



When it comes to Do-it-yourself graphic design one of the best platforms I have found is CANVA. Canva is an online platform so you don't have to download anything into your computer and can be used across all of your devices (computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone). This makes Canva versatile and creating your designs has never been so easy with their drag and drop system along with other key features anyone can design logo's, social media posts, website banners, etc. with this program. They have both a free and paid version, the paid version is very reasonable. CLICK HERE to get started using Canva today! 


When you create video and audio files often times you will want or need a transcription of that file. This is often particularly true for programs and courses, one of the simplest and most cost effective resources right now is a platform called Otter. They have a wide range of plans to meet your needs ranging from a free plan to paid plans. Set up your account and learn more now by CLICKING HERE and begin using Otter today. 


Having a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform or software is vital to growing your brand and business. Having a CRM allows you to connect multiple pieces together for your clients or customers in one platform or service. When it comes to this I have a few options you can choose from that I have used, these are in no particular order. 


You may have noticed that I have Groove listed above for your website builder platform as well. If you have chosen Groove as your website builder and host you will want to take advantage of using all of their services and making them your CRM. There are other platforms out there but Groove is one of the best I have found for allowing you to have everything in one place for your customer relationship management. If you would like to make Groove your CRM you can start today by CLICKING HERE.  


If you would prefer another platform besides Groove then I would recommend ConvertKit. Unlike Groove you cannot build or host a website through this platform, however you can use it for growing your email lists, automations for your emails, landing pages, and more. The integrations aren't as extensive as you find within Groove but I have used ConvertKit very often and for a long time it was my go to CRM and can be useful to you. Like all other platforms many of the features will cost but there are also many that are enabled within the free plan. If you would like to make ConvertKit your CRM you can start today by CLICKING HERE. 



You may have noticed that I have Groove listed above for your website builder platform as well as CRM. If you have chosen Groove as your CRM you will want to take advantage of using all of their services including Groove Pay. There are other platforms out there but Groove is one of the best I have found for allowing you to have everything in one place for your business. If you would like to make Groove your payment portal and CRM you can start today by CLICKING HERE.  


Square is another fantastic platform and service for accepting payments, especially if you are at a physical location. You can get a free square reader that plugs directly into your phone and allows you to swipe cards on the spot. Square also allows for online transactions for your services and/or products through your store or links you share. I have used square for my business in the past and have no complaints at all, if you'd like to create a free Square account and get your first $1,000 in transactions free of processing fee's for 180 days following signup you can do so by CLICKING HERE.


PayPal is another payment platform I recommend and have used quite often in my business before Groove. PayPal allows you to create buttons for your website, invoices for your business and many other concepts that you will utilize for your business. They don't necessarily offer anything that the other services can't handle but some people feel more comfortable using PayPal so it never hurts to have a PayPal account also. If you don't have a PayPal account you can CLICK HERE and create one today. 


One of the ways you can create passive income while impacting and influencing the world is through online courses. Below you will find a few options out of the many that I stand behind when it comes to hosting your online courses. 


You may have noticed that I have Groove listed above for several other options as well, so if you have chosen Groove for one of those options you will want to take advantage of using all of their services including Groove Member for online courses. There are other platforms out there but Groove is one of the best I have found for allowing you to have everything in one place for your business. If you would like to make Groove your payment portal and CRM you can start today by CLICKING HERE.  


Another popular platform for hosting and selling your online courses is Thinkific. You can get started and learn more about this platform by CLICKING HERE.


The links below include sources and services to help you publish books, outsource and hire Virtual Assistants, social media managers, and website developers just to name a few. You can also use some of these to promote your services. 


There are many ways to publish your book. You can self publish or go the traditional publishing route. There are also other options such as hybrid publishing, which is where you can learn how to self publish with the insider tips, teachings, tools, techniques and coaching of a publishing house. If you are interested in Hybrid publishing you can use my referral link for Author Academy Elite, the publisher I used for my Amazon bestselling book "Going All In" to get an interview and start the process of seeing if it is a good fit for you by CLICKING HERE!


BookBolt is a great resource for anyone wishing to create and self publish books on Amazon. This platform will make the process much easier and allow you to create low content books that you can create to increase income as you multiply your purpose. They have many done for you templates and much more. There is a free and paid version, CLICK HERE to start using BookBolt today. 


Fiverr is a platform that allows you to find various types of freelance service providers to help you with things such as website design, logos design, social media graphics, social media manager, virtual assistants, and much more. You can also list your services as a freelancer through the platform and have people hire you for your available services. If you are interested in learning more about Fiverr CLICK HERE and begin today!

Book Editing

Have you written a book but would like to have a professional editor look at it? Professional editors can be very expensive but I can honestly say it's worth it to have your book look and read well. To help those of you who are writing I reached out to one of the best editors I know, Felicity Fox, and she has promised to give you her lowest price for editing or ghost writing your book. Felicity has worked on some major projects for big name authors and her work is impeccable. When you contact her, simply tell her Jody Almond referred you, and you will get the friends and family price! Here is a link to her website so you can learn more about her and also contact her personally. Click Here to contact Felicity Fox today for all of your book editing and ghost writing needs. 

Organizations i train on

Below are some of the other organizations I have partnered with as one of their global trainers. These organizations are not only places for you to continue learning but also have entrepreneurial opportunities to begin earning some extra income or even create a full time business. 

Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP)

Yep is a company who is doing amazing things around the world and truly transforming lives. They have opportunities for you to get started at different levels with their company. I myself am a founding member and global trainer for YEP and love the trainings, benefits, and commissions available to me. One of the many benefits is that you can get unlimited complimentary vacations valued up to $5,400 at over 6500 locations worldwide to use as incentives for your clients doing business with you. Also they have a wide variety of products you can choose from to become an affiliate with and earn great commissions from every person you bring on board!

You can join as an entrepreneur and enjoy many of the same benefits. If you'd like to know more Click Here and feel free to reach back out to me privately so I can share how you can get started today! 

The Hope Token Community

The Hope Token Community was established in the spring of 2021 and I was brought on board as one of their global trainers. This community offers education packages for it's members with a wide range of topics, saving you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. It also has a model in place allowing you to earn while you learn. 

with every education pack you purchase you are given hope tokens equaling the dollar amount you purchase. These hope tokens have been gradually increasing in value each day allowing the members of this private community to see tremendous earnings in a short time. Basically you're money is working for you and making you more money instead of you working for it! 

Since this is a private community I don't have a direct link to share it is by invitation only, however if you're interested in learning more send me a private message and use "Hope Token Information" as the subject line and I will respond ASAP and tell you more. 

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