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Welcome and thanks for visiting. Perhaps you need a speaker in the future? Selecting the correct speaker is incredibly important. Choose the right one and your event is a smashing success. Choose the wrong one and you'll hear about it for a very long time.


We've created this page to make this a simple and painless process. If you're ready, keep reading. And thanks again for considering me. I'm honored. —JODY

What you can expect

  • Prompt Responses= I will respond promptly to your phone calls and/or email messages.

  • Preparation= A personal phone/video consultation with Jody prior to you event, so he can better understand how to best serve you and your audience. 

  • Partnership= An announcement about your event on Jody's social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open for the public and you want visibility for it.) 

  • Passion= Jody is very passionate about helping you and will bring that energy and passion to your event.

  • Professionalism= With over twenty years of public speaking, including to leadership, Jody brings a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation. 

  • Perks= Takeaways for your team will be valuable resources as well as information to future resources that will enable to continue developing after the event. 

  • Post Event= Following the event Jody will contact you for a quick follow up communication to ensure you satisfaction. 

a little bit about jody

Jody Almond helps individuals and companies clarify who they are, why they're here, and where they're going so they can live a life of purpose on purpose making an impact on the world around them for good. With over two decades of experience helping people, Jody brings both that experience as well as his own personal story from struggle to success to the countless numbers he has empowered. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and two daughters. 

Speaking Events

If you're looking for someone professional and passionate about helping others find success through their purpose, Jody is the man for the event. With over twenty years of public speaking experience to all size audiences, from the office to the stage Jody has empowered countless numbers of people through his intentional approach to see other find success in their lives. 

If you're a corporation looking to empower your leaders or staff, or if you're looking for a keynote or conference speaker for your next event you'll experience real transformation through Jody's insight and teachings. He also specializes in workshops and teaches concepts from his book "Going All In -- Finding Success Through Surrender." 

If you're interested in starting the conversation and scheduling Jody for your next event, you can click here or contact him at .

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