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—Jody Almond


bio: meet going all in author, jody almond

Jody Almond is passionate about transforming lives. Through his writing, speaking, courses and as a success strategist he helps entrepreneurs and individuals by providing them tech processes, social media optimizations, plus business and personal success tools to empower growth and overcome limiting beliefs and replacing them with identifying unique purpose and path to success.

Jody struggled for many years in his life to find significance and suffered many setbacks on his journey to success; overcoming severe dyslexia as a child, being jobless as an adult, and struggling for years with drug and alcohol addiction. Today as a transformed man, Jody invests his time helping others experience how they can have a life of success by Going All In. 

Leading as the Senior Pastor of Transformation Church in Salisbury, North Carolina, Jody is also the founder of Soulution Ministries as well as The Soulution Live Show, which serves to further his massage of hope to the hurting. He and his family are blessed and live in Stanly County, North Carolina.


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I commit to making you shine and your audience my focus

I'm deeply honored by your interest for an interview. I can roll with the interview no problem. I have over twenty years of experience in public speaking which includes various media outlets. Regardless, I feel like a little preparation always helps. I know you’re busy. If you can read the book great, but I don’t expect you to. This is why I created a media kit with interactive links, benefits from the book, bullet points, takeaways, interesting facts, and summaries.


Even though we both know you’re a genius—with this kit—you’ll be able to let it show even more.


When I’m doing our interview it’s the most important thing in the world to me. I’m committed to making you the hero and your audience the focus. I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. I know if I do my job well your audience will feel valued and interested in these topics:

​How to find success through surrender:

  • Why purpose is important for everyone.

  • The cost of surviving verses thriving.

  • How to move from struggle to success with simple practical steps.

  • And much more

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Some of my media activities have included creating book trailers, shooting videos, developing media kits, a podcast, livestreams, webinars, as well as past experience as a radio show host.

I am launched my book, Going All In January 2020 globally and look forward to working with you. 

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Jody has been featured on various media outlets including these listed below.

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Are You Surviving or Thriving?

The cemeteries are full of potential that has died with the ones buried there. Songs, books, poems, movies, medical advancements, leaders, entrepreneurs, and many more possibilities lie in the ground with no hope of becoming a reality.

Are you stuck? Do you feel like you’re living an abundant life?  All around us, everyday people are struggling. Most of us ask the question: “Is there more to life than what we are living?”  There are millions of people who don’t believe they have purpose.  They’re simply living in survival mode.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Going All In will lead the reader to the life God designed for them as it teaches simple and practical steps to go from surviving to thriving.

In this book Pastor, coach, and author Jody Almond will enable you to discover and live the life you were created to live as you make progress towards your destiny. If you’re new to Going All In, prepare to take a journey with an ancient story of struggle that concludes with a fresh perspective on achieving success for your life. You’ll discover three important keys that will take you from the camp of struggle to the castle of success:

  • Your Significance

  • Your Setbacks

  • Your Journey to Success



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why read now?

  • In a recent poll online 88% of people surveyed admit to struggling in life, leaving only 12% to admit that they find success in some area of their life. 

  • Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose-- Dr Patrick Hill, Carleton University, Canada

  • A new study by a team of Harvard School of Public Health researchers finds that if you feel you have a higher sense of purpose in life — defined as having meaning, a sense of direction and goals — you are more likely to remain healthy and physically strong as you grow older.

  • Studies show that a lack of purpose in life are linked to drug and alcohol abuse

  • Lack of purpose in life linked to suicide

  • People from all ages understood how important it is to know the purpose in life in order to achieve success. True purpose comes from our Creator-- Romans 8:28

why read now

sample questions

1. What is your book about?

2. “Who is this book for and the people you serve?

3. What made you consider writing a book?

4. What is your ministry “Soulution Ministries” about?

5. The sub-title seems contradictory, success through surrender, was that on purpose?

6. Finding purpose is quite popular right now.What sets you aside from the rest?

7. How long does a person work with you?

8. Can you narrow down the G.A.I.N.S (Going All In Now for Success) coaching Concept into a few steps?

9. How much do the courses and coaching cost?

10. What is the one thing a person can do to get started on this abundant life of purpose?


Official video trailer

Feel free to download the official Going All In video trailer below for promotion or as a part of the interview segment. You can download by clicking the download button in the bottom right corner of the video player.