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Below you will find a free downloadable 2020 calendar and goal tracker.I designed the calendar with you in mind, it's not pretty but it is very practical and purposeful. It contains everything you need to become intentional and strategically plan your day down to the hour as well as plan your weeks, months, and the whole year of 2020 to be successful and live out your life on purpose with purpose. As an added bonus I have included a medication log and also thrown in 12 separate motivational and inspirational pages for you to put at the beginning of each month. That's not all, I have also included a daily Bible reading program outline so you can read the whole Bible in a year. If you are interested in reading the Bible together with me reading it on audio you can get access to that and much more to empower your life and become the best version of you in 2020, you can do so by clicking here and subscribing to the GAINS LEADERS program. 

The calendar and goal tracker with all of it's content is downloadable and printable and you can use what you need from the sheets included. The pages are a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and you can use a three ring binder to build your calendar/ goal tracker. 

I pray that this free resource will be instrumental in helping you reach your goals and find success in 2020!

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