Going All In
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In his new book, pastor and author Jody Almond shares the unexpected path to a successful life, one that produces reliable joy in any season of life.


​Based on the life of Abraham and Biblical teachings, you will discover the secret to a successful life. Going All In presents a surprising but practical way of living that will change you from the inside out and lead you to your destiny.

If you're buying the book as a gift I have created some special personalized video's from me to the recipient to accompany the book that you can send. If you would like to know more click here .





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See What People Are Saying!


"Stop surviving, start thriving, and begin living in your purpose! Jody tells us why now is the perfect time to move from the camp of struggle to the castle of success through a life of surrender. God's way is not just right; it's so much better."

Travis Greene - Gospel Artist, Pastor Forward City Church

"Going All In is a relevant and timely solution to the majority of the population who are struggling in life. Jody's teachings will lead you from the camp of struggle to the castle of success...all through surrender."

Kary Oberbrunner - Author of Your Secret Name and Day Job to Dream Job

"Going All In--Finding Success Through Surrender is a relevant and timely solution for individuals struggling in life. Through the act of surrender Jody shares with his readers a three phases process that transforms someone from the camp of struggle, to the castle of success."

Niccie Kliegl - CLC, RN, and CEO of Fulfill Your Legacy